King Vitti and his sidekicks wrecking Detroit

You know when Vitti went to Detroit I hoped he would learn from his time here and not repeat the same mistakes. Sadly it seems as if he has doubled down. I revived the email below from a Detroit teacher.

Hi Chris,

I’m currently a teacher in Detroit working under King Vitti with his sidekicks, umm I mean “cabinet” (yes, that is how they are referred as) consisting of Iranetta, Beth, etc..  I have been researching what he has done to Florida teachers and schools for months due to all of the idiotic (understatement) changes made here this past school year.

I have read through your blog which was very informative and helpful to say the very least – thank you! What Vitti did in FL is almost a carbon copy of what he’s implementing here, two different worlds!  If you could read posts and comments from our Union FB page, your stomach would cringe.  His latest stunt was revamping our calendar for the 2019-2020 school year:

The Detroit Federation of Teachers fought the calendar change and won! His public lies to the media that our Union signed off on the calendar – our teachers have no respect or trust in this man.  Currently under
intense scrutiny is our “updated” teacher evaluation process (see attachment).  We are trying with all of our might to keep our teachers who are all highly effective in my opinion, considering ‘a day teaching in The D’.  He has a search and destroy mindset and is on a mission.

Keep in mind we rolled out new curriculum this year, EL Education, a rigorous, brutal program that micro manages a student rather than allow a student to learn and grow at their own pace.  More on that one later.
It takes minimally 3 years for a new curriculum to fall into place and begin to show true student achievement.  However, in the updated evaluation guide, bias against the teachers is quite obvious, setting us up for failure.

So we have this new curriculum as the cornerstone of our demise which is partnered with the draining tasks of using I-Ready, both owned and created by Curriculum Associates – and questions have been raised by my
Union Brothers and Sisters ‘who is receiving kickbacks and how much?’.  I’m sorry but when Vitti claims there are supposed “teams of teachers” who were stakeholders in choosing the new curriculum, the calendar change, and now the updated evaluation –  has yet to personally name members of these teams, which we seem to think are figments of his imagination put down on paper.

As we struggle through being evaluated and degraded for working endless and tiring hours, the next kick came in an email to teachers which stated:

All of a sudden, the district is backtracking data and throwing it at teachers with no warning which is going to be factored into THIS year’s evaluation.  This email was sent at the end of the day, a holiday weekend on Friday, May 24th 2019!  Vitti is destroying the Detroit Public Schools, on EVERY level, with no regard to ALL employees
of the District, not just the teachers.  Our students are suffering under his leadership!!

I don’t think it should be lost on anybody that Vitti was the darling of the business community while he was here, the same business community that is preparing for a hostile take over of our schools. Hopefully Vitti won’t have many more opportunities to fail up.

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