Kimbery Daniels gives a community activist a new car.

Kimberly Daniels has to be the most corrupt politician in Jacksonville and I don’t say that just because of her multiple ethics violations, and her giving a car, I can’t make this stuff up, to a community activist during a tough campaign doesn’t exactly change my mind.

The person she gave the car to is a lady named Eunice Barnam and if you follow local education you know she has been a fierce advocate for improving our schools which makes her association with Kimberly Daniels so befuddling because public ed had few foes as big as Daniels. Sadly I guess a new car goes a long way to shaping ones views. Ahem Gary Chartrand you could probably get me a lot cheaper than the million you spend on Rory Diamond (jk)

This however really does reminds me of when Gary Chartrand gave Rory Diamond’s charity a million dollars ensuring his fealty against the needs of our schools and children. The rich and connected can seemingly do anything.

The crazy thing about this is I am sure its perfectly legal, though somebody may want to look because Daniels has a history of not dotting her Is or crossing her Ts.

We need to change things before Florida’s reputation as the most corrupt state gets even worse.

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If this and all of Daniels other corruption, including her surprising pro slavery views, outrage you and I hope they do, I hope you will consider supporting Angie Nixon against her.

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