Kimberly Daniels unapologetic for being corrupt (draft)

Oh Jacksonville, from John Rutherford, to Jason Fischer to Kimberly Daniels, you can sure pick them.

Kimberly Daniels went off in Florida Politics today where they outlined her biggest donors are republican movers and shakers and it just reminded me how corrupt she has been over the years.

First an except from Florida Politics,

Daniels, who aligned with Republicans on parental consent legislation this year, holds a strong financial advantage after raising nearly $30,000 in April.
Helping out: maximum $1,000 contributions from First Coast Conservatives, the political committee of outgoing Republican House Appropriations Chair Travis Cummings, and from Florida Foundation for Liberty, the political committee of future Republican Speaker of the House Paul Renner.
Cummings and Renner-funded committees had already donated to Daniels before Session.
Hoo boy but do you know who else loves Kim Daniels besides republicans in state office? Why Jeb Bush himself.   
Jeb Bush has an education foundation, Florida’s Future, where he pushes things like high stakes testing, punitive measures against teachers and privatization, and democratic representative Kimberly Daniels in part of their honor roll. 

Sandwiched in between Richard Corcoran and Manny Diaz, two long time foes of public education, and just a few notches above Jason Fischer who is the worst of the worst, was Kimberly Daniels.
So we know she is anti-education but sadly over the years she has been anti-truth as well.
In 2019 she admitted to campaign violations.
Sadly, this wasn’t the first time she has had ethics issues either.
But perhaps most disgusting of all is her surprising pro slavery stance.
From Kim Daniels anti education positions, to her repeated ethics violations to her surprising pro slavery stance, (can someone please explain how she survived that one) it is beyond me that she still represents people. She has consistently violated the trust of the city and let her constituents down and it’s time for her rein of error to end.  
Let’s send somebody decent to Tallahassee. Here is a link to Angie Nixon’s site, and I hope you will consider her. 
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