Kimberly Daniels, proves over and over how unfit she is.

Kimberly Daniels is corrupt, surprisingly pro slavery and now we can add homophobic to the list. Friends I can’t make up how bad she is.

From the Miami New Times,

  We can start right here, with the most abominable DEMOCRAT in Florida.  I said she fails on every point I listed:

How has she been elected over and over? Oh that’s right she buys votes.

From Kim Daniels, homophobia, anti education positions, to her repeated ethics violations to her surprising pro slavery stance, (can someone please explain how she survived that one) it is beyond me that she still represents people. She has consistently violated the trust of the city and let her constituents down and it’s time for her rein of error to end.  
Let’s send somebody decent to Tallahassee. Here is a link to Angie Nixon’s site, and I hope you will consider her. 

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  1. Wow they locked up Corrine Brown for a lot less. Then again Corrine wasn't a Republican like Daniels. Funny how that works.

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