Kathleen Shanahan says Teach for America is better than anything Florida has to offer.

soon to be departed state board of education member was on the redefined Ed
blog today and I asked her the following question: … thoughts about Scott
appointing a TFA alumni with a very brief connection to Florida to the board of
ed? In short was she the best and most qualified that Florida had to offer. Thank
which she replied: On my board replacement, I think a TFA teacher will be a
great voice of practicum and understanding on the SBOE. I look forward to
assisting any way I can in her transition and am sure she will do a great job
on the SBOE.
there you have it a TFA teacher will be a great voice, not that she was ever
even a TFA teacher in Florida. Professional teachers from Florida, not so much
after all what would they know anyways right?  By the way what could this woman possibly add
to the board? She has been in Florida for about five years, never taught a day  in a Florida classroom and had had even quit
her job as a TFA supervisor  to open a
consulting company before being put on the board.
is beyond the pale that these people, Shanahan, Scott, Bush, Chartrand etc .
tout Florida as such a success but then have nothing but open distain for our
teachers. It really is amazing.

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