Just who is on the state board of education, spoiler, its not pretty.

A couple things about this current group, first there are only six members as DeSantis hasn’t appointed a 7th member and the FLDOE site doesn’t have bios like it has in the past. I guess even they are embarrassed about the lack of educators on the board.

First there is Andy Tuck who doesn’t believe in evolution and who in the past has said that he would fight against its teaching is a citrus grower. Here is an older biography.


Then their is former chair Marva Johnson, a cable TV executive, here is a bio for her.


Next there is Ben Gibson, an attorney and republican political operative.


 Then there is Tom Grady, an insurance executive, here is a little but about him from the Tampa Times,

  Former one-term state Rep. Tom Grady, a Naples Republican and friend of Gov. Rick Scott, has won Scott’s nod to sit on the Florida Board of Education.

During his brief tenure in the House, Grady was notable for billing taxpayers for flying on private planes owned by a campaign donor. He also pushed for tax breaks for some of Florida’s richest residents.

As interim president of Citizens Property Insurance, he also racked up large hotel and travel expenses on the state’s dime. During his short time there, he also created a new job for his former legislative aide.


Michael Olenick is a constriction company executive,


You know because that’s the same thing, practically as working in education.

Finally there is Jacksonville’s own Joe York  who in May threatened Superintendent Greene, saying she should listen to the civic council if she wanted Duval to be successful.


He is an AT&T executive,

Not one of them has an education background and not one is qualified to be on the state board of education, not one, yet there they are because of reasons (money) dictating education policy. We would have a better and more experienced board if we would have put everyone who lives in Florida, nineteen million people, names in a hat and drew randomly.

3 Replies to “Just who is on the state board of education, spoiler, its not pretty.”

  1. Yes, a cross section of citizens are running the system. People own education, not you. You just work there. Unhappy? Get a real job. Wal-Mart may give you a job, but not likly.

  2. Um, Scott, Nick, whoever, you beaches guys are cut from the same cloth, if you believe that they represent an average cross section of Floridians, you are dumber than I though, which I didn't think was possible. I also don't need a job, but thanks.

    1. Hahaha, nobody will read your fevor dream rants unless I put them up where my blogs get thousands of views. Hmmm which one will i write tonight, Shine shoots himself, hides camera in office or is a quitters quitter. Maybe all three.

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