Just who gives a bleep who has endorsed Scot Shine?!? Corrected.

Scott Shine is quite proud of the endorsements he has
received. He has gotten them from the members of the QEA board (the rich white
cabal that is trying t buy our schools) former school board members that
represented district 2, Peter Rummell and a whole host of others. Just go to
his web site and he has an entire section dedicated to them.    http://scottshine.com/?page_id=92
To which I reply who cares.
Unfortunately none of the people who have endorsed him know
a hill of beans about education and I am including those former school board
members. If Shine is serious about representing our schools then he has to get
serious with ideas and the only three I heard him mention while he was dodging
answering questions at the district 2school board forum were, more charter
schools to alleviate overcrowding in district 2 schools, and that is a problem but
his solution is worse, more teacher surveys to find out why they are so unhappy
(I guess the last ten or so weren’t good enough) and to sell the school board
building and move the district offices into district 4 to help alleviate
poverty. I kid you not, when talking about how to mitigate poverty in our
schools that was his idea.
It seems to me like Shine is pulling a Hazouri and just
using the school board position as something to do after a lifetime of living
off the public dole and he is hoping to ride his aging surfer boy looks to 1701
Prudential avenue.

In a comment below Mr. Shine says I am incorrect about above and all his public service has been voluntary and he has not been paid for it, I will take Mr. Shine at his word. Mr. Shine has touted his public service and I wrongfully assumed that he was paid and for that mistake I sincerely apologize. It’s important to me that Education Matters gets things right and I plainly failed to do so above and again I apologize to Mr. Shine and my readers. 

I would however like to point out that he doesn’t say what else I got wrong.     

The thing is we don’t need another person who looks at the
school board as another line on a resume. We need somebody who loves public
schools and wants to fight to make them better who has both the ideas and
energy to make it happen.
Am I being too hard? I don’t think so, go look at his issues
tab, it’s amazing how so much is written but so little is said. http://scottshine.com/?page_id=94

I would say Shine is the frontrunner, though the
beaches are fortunate to have two other legitimate candidates but before
anybody even thinks about voting for Shine they should demand to hear his
ideas, something that if he has any has been drowned out by him talking about
his endorsements.  

3 Replies to “Just who gives a bleep who has endorsed Scot Shine?!? Corrected.”

  1. Among the numerous inaccuracies in this story, (living off the public dole), I have never been paid for any service in any of the government positions held. All of these were volunteer positions. Chris, I have met few people in my life as angry and uniformed as you are.

  2. Okay I will change it, I was under the impression you were a life long public servant and assumed you were paid. What else did I get wrong?

  3. Chris is actually a very well informed person. He's a teacher. No one understands better than we do about what is and isn't working in our school system, and what it does and doesn't need. If he made an error about you, politely correct it, and move on. Chris will fix it. There's no need to be rude. As for having met few people in your life as such, then perhaps you have not had the amount of interaction with teachers that you should have, or you would be more familiar with how we feel.

    As well, do not mistake Chris' passion for anger. There is a difference. Chris, like all teachers, is extremely passionate about our students, teachers, parents, and schools, and we take the seat of school board very seriously. It is not to be used as a springboard to further someone's future political career, to enhance their current occupation, or for any other purpose than to make a better life for our kids.

    The "anger" you hear is the sound of genuine concern and care for our kids. We don't sense that in everyone.

    ~ Shannon M. Russell
    Duval County Public Schools Teacher, and Candidate for Duval County School Board, District 2

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