Just who does Lenny Curry and City Hall think they are fooling?

After the school board so no thank you to be extorted out of hundreds of millions of dollars by the city council. Lenny Curry released a statement.

Um what? Collaborating? The right program? Oh yeah by those things he means do whatever he says and give him whatever he wants. I have to be honest I don’t even think that would work because he wants our schools to fail.

Anyhoo, I rewrote Curry’s press release to make it accurate. 

An honest statement would have said, instead of taking care of children, fixing schools, revitalizing neighborhoods, creating jobs, attracting businesses, and stopping flight to the suburbs the mayor

has decided to fight against those things so his donors can get paid.
The Landing, Lot J, the JEA, the referendum, him ignoring the needs and will of the people is not a one off. He doesn’t care about us or what’s best for us. This is dreadful living under his thumb, I can only take solace in that more and more people are waking up and they don’t like it either.

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