Just when you thought Don Geatz couldn’t get any lower.

According to a piece by John O’Connor in State Impact, once again Geatz doesn’t understand how there can be high performing teachers at schools where the student body doesn’t perform well on the FCAT. The dehabilitating affects of poverty anyone?

I have covered the senate presidents disconnect both from reality and decency ad nausea but the article points out something new and that is Gaetz doesn’t even believe his own lying eyes.

Gaetz was one of the legislators who helped set up the odious senate bill 736 or the student success act , the bill that requiring all this evaluation madness, so it is hard to understand why he doesn’t understand how it works, which is a sentiment echoed by the Florida Department of education who said in the same article:

And for what it’s worth, the Florida Department of Education says their analysis of the first year of teacher evaluation data shows the formula is working exactly as it was intended.

Gaetz who doesn’t believe things should be fair for public school teachers anyways, won’t be content until more and more teachers are rated ineffective and sadly he is in a position to make sure this happens.


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