Just how out of touch is the State Board of Education? Very Apparently

Pam Stewart’s term as commissioner of education has
arguably been a failure. Not only has the accountability system untraveled, the
state rushed headlong into tests they weren’t ready for and during her tenure she
has systematically ignored the states superintendents, teachers and parents.
All of that gives her two thumbs up from the state board of education which I
remind everyone once again does not have a true educator on it.
From the Tampa Times: Board members largely praised her work
during the nearly two years she has served, lauding her efforts to improve
student achievement while shepherding new standards through a politically
charged atmosphere. She is the longest-serving of four education commissioners
during Gov. Rick Scott’s five-year tenure.
were two others not counting her two stints as intern commissioner)
were not as kind, probably because they are ignorant like the board is to what
is happening.
Their favorable treatment of the commissioner drew barbs
from Florida BadAss Teachers, a vocal statewide educators group.
“Florida has become Alice in
Wonderland,” group spokesman Thomas James, a Miami teacher, said in a
He added: “Today, the inept State
Board of Education showed why we have become the laughing stock of the country
when it comes to education policy. … After a disastrous year filled with
repeated failures and a badly bumbled transition to new state tests,
Commissioner Stewart is given a glowing evaluation.”
Just yesterday I asked
what Pam Stewart has to do to be fired and the answer is apparently nothing.
She can do anything she likes to the states teachers, schools and children and
the clueless board will smile and give her a thumbs up.
Florida’s teachers get
a lot of flak mostly for not being able to single handily overcome the debilitating
effects of poverty, it’s just sad that their already tough jobs have been made
harder because of inept leadership.

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