JPEF loses its credibility when it acts as the district’s cheerleader

And when it publishes agenda driven white papers, supports candidates who want to privatize our schools and takes money to put Teach for America in our classrooms but those are other stories.

Today it published, “Five hings that you need to know about the district”

It started off with: 

  1. The new code of conduct is working, and tweaks will further improve it. Last year, the school board passed major updates to the student code of conduct, and made some adjustments for this year’s code of conduct. You can read more about those changes from the perspective of 2013 Teacher of the Year Apryl Shackelford here. Thanks to these and other changes, suspensions were down 34 percent between 2012-13 and 2014-15, the district reported in its 2015-16 profile. Other improvements for this year include the introduction of the Non-Violence Project (NVP) to 24 middle schools, and ongoing partnerships to increase mentorship.
One thing you should know about above and that’s there is exactly one teacher apparently who thinks the new code of conduct is working. Apparently the author has never met a teacher nor has a TV because fight after fight filled the airwaves last spring. Sadly two and three were not much better.
JPEF and this administrations fate and completely tied together, if this administration fails then JPEF will go down with the ship. Instead of parroting district talking points, if I was them I would want to make sure they were doing things the right way.

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  1. Speaking of lost credibility & mixed signals how bout Vitti asking the Jacksonville Public Library to partner up with the DCPS to provide electronic library cards to elementary age students. This while he has done everything in his power to dismantle school libraries/media centers. Most elementary media specialists(there's no more middle or high school media specialists due to the emphasis on assessment) are split between 2 schools so alot of students are lucky to get in there twice a month but you better believe they're in the computer lab(sometimes twice a week) working on their iReady, achieve3000, or whatever flavor of the month catches Vitti's fancy. Evidently a love of reading and lifelong learning has its place as long as that place is outside the classroom.

  2. Why does Vitti want to partner with JPL to provide electronic library cards to elementary students when he has singlehandedly made media specialists an endangered species in most schools? Could it be that Vitti believes a love of reading and lifelong learning has its place—outside the classroom & not in it.

  3. Since we can't have school libraries, here's a great idea no one is pursuing. JPL has their trucks, right? Why can't the trucks go to schools once or twice a week to let students borrow books and read?

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