Jonathan Hague of Charter Schools USA not above being deceptive to the parents of Jacksonville

In the Times Union Hague said he has 20,000 kids on waiting
lists, well friends that may not exactly true.
First we don’t know if Hague is talking about his schools in
Florida or nationwide (58 schools in 7 states) which would certainly dilute the
impact of that massive 20,000 number. But what Hague and the rest of the
charter school industry don’t like to admit, instead preferring to inflate
their numbers, is that students often appear on multiple waiting lists.
Here is an exchange between Jim Horne a charter school
lobbyist (and former state superintendent of education  and Miami Representative Kionne
L. McGhee
: When McGhee
inquired about the numbers, Horne quickly began back-pedaling with
vague responses. Sensing Horne’s evasions, he asked two more questions about
the numbers forcing  FLDOE’s Michael Kooi  to the podium to
sheepishly admit the numbers were coming from the charter schools. Miami Dade
official Iraida Mendez-Cartaya followed Kooi with testimony pointing out that
in her district, students are likely to appear on more than one waiting list –
an obvious reason for such inflated numbers.

Hague’s a
mercenary who pumps thousands of dollars into the pacs and campaigns of
republican legislators and then takes millions home in management fees and he
is not above using subterfuge to take home more.  

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