John Thrasher takes his hypocrisy to Florida State

Full disclosure I am not a Florida State fan, in fact as I
type this I am wearing my favorite Florida tee. This however is not about
football rivalries it’s about the hypocrisy of FSU president, John “golden
rule, he who has the gold makes the rules” Thrasher. That’s a quote from him by
the way.
Example 1, as a republican he preached financial responsibility
for his entire career, but then refused to drop out of his race for senate even
though his appointment at Tallahassee was all but assured. At the same time he
is getting a hundreds of thousands of dollars raise, he is costing the tax
payers of Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars, the cost of his and several
other special elections that him not dropping out has created.
Example 2, despite fighting against tenure for public school
teachers, he accepted tenure from the trustees at Florida State. Apparently
what is good for the golden goose is not good for the ganders.
Example 3, one of his first acts at Florida State is to give
Jimbo Fisher an eight year contract.  I
won’t argue that he deserves job security, I believe everybody does if they do
a good job but I would like to point out that now teachers do not have any.
Since 2011 all new teachers hired and all veteran teachers that want to switch
to the merit pay plan (none that I know of) can now be fired at the end of the
school year for any reason or for no reason because none has to be given. This
is what John Thrasher through his teaching profession kneecapping Senate bill
736 has created. Successful football coach, 8 years, successful teachers, year
to year.
Welcome to Tallahassee where public school teachers are constantly
marginalized and neglected while football and hypocrisy reign supreme.

As I said above I am not a fan of Florida State, and thanks
to Thrasher I have a lot of company. 

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