John Thrasher, charter schools are good for poor kids, bad for rich kids

He said as much when he questioned why charter schools should be allowed in St. Johns County.

And that should tell you all you need to know about the validity of Charter schools.

School choice is great for poor black kids but keep it away from rich white ones.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Found your blog recently, and am trying to get up to speed on the Duval schools since my children will be starting soon. Can you help clarify your position on this post? Are you pointing out hypocrisy on Thrasher's part, arguing against school choice, or something else? I'm guessing the last line was sarcasm.

    Without having any background article to read or experience in the education business, I'm guessing that Thrasher's point was that because the St. Johns schools are "so good", there isn't as much need for school choice there. (assuming the State picks up some of that tab)

    Maybe this is a whole other can of worms, but realtors always say that St. John's just has rich kid's drugs, but the few teachers we've talked to seem to hold the district in better regard than Duval. While not rich, a move to St. John's county is certainly doable for us whereas private education really isn't.

    Sorry if you've already addressed this: Do you support charter schools / school choice?

  2. School choice is a Euphemism for privatization in Florida and I do not support privatization. Let me make this suggestion, do the research, Jacksonville has many fine schools and even at our most challenged schools there are great things going on though in all sincerity if you didn't have to put your child in one I wouldn't.

    Check out the different neighborhoods then go visit the schools, you can take tours, meet principals, look at facilities, visit with the PTA etc. if you are involved and it sounds like you are then there are great fits here in Jacksonville.

    Good luck!

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