John Padget vice chair of the state board, clueless or completely clueless?

The biggest problem with public education in Florida is
leadership or a lack thereof. Take John Padget the vice chair of the State
Board of Education. Despite well documented problems with the Florida Standards
Assessment he called for ratcheting up the passing scores as high as possible,
which will undoubtedly cause more kids to fail, schools to be labeled as
failures and cost teachers their jobs. His reasoning being we are falling
behind places like South Korea and Finland.
Mr. Padget who was never an educator obviously doesn’t know
it but Finland doesn’t use high stakes standardized tests, in fact they use barely
any tests at all. I bet it would greatly upset Padget to know that teachers in
Finland are highly unionized and well paid too.
He in effect is calling for us to do more of something that
the people he says we need to catch don’t do at all. He is also one of the top
education leaders in Florida.
Public schools undoubtedly have problems but most of them
have been created by our leaders in Tallahassee and not by our teachers in our

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