John Legg, Florida’s latest worst legislator ever

I am just going to get right to it. In the finest tradition
of the sky is falling, Legg said about the rejection of a charter school on
McDill air force base, “That’s a
hard pill to swallow when a base commander is saying we want options and the
local government, for whatever reason, has not allowed them to go down that
path, So as a result, we’re going to be looking at options to offer more
choices to our veterans.”
Wow, did you see what he did there? First he didn’t mention
that McDill already has an A elementary school that has in place programs
designed to help kids who face frequent transfers. Then Bob Sykes from Scathing
Purple Musings also pointed out, The
reality is that the majority of military families do not live on base and there
isn’t any expansion of base housing. Nor has there been any clamoring from
military families – Legg’s “overarching consensus” – demanding charter schools.
What he did worst of all though was he played the veteran
card (um aren’t the people their active duty) in a blatant and wrong attempt to
get sympathy for his overwrought pleas. He made their sacrifice nothing but a
pawn in the battle to privatize our schools. Do you think he really cares about
our veterans (who wouldn’t be affected) or instead do you think he wants to
enflame a base that lathers at their mention? Furthermore if he really cared
about our kids he would want Charter Schools USA one of the biggest mercenary outfits
out there to stay as far away from McDill air force base as possible.

There are a lot of reasons to think John Legg is the
worst legislator ever. Take for instance him, despite owning and profiting off
a charter school, he routinely votes for or introduces legislation to make them
more lucrative, but I think his callous use of our veterans as a prop to fill
his pockets is even worse. 

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