Jeb Bush’s foundation thinks teachers are selfish and lazy

Levesque, the executive director of Jeb Bush’s foundation wrote while defending
ALEC the far right lobbying group,
We at ExcelinEd believe every child can learn
when kids become the focus of education. We advocate for data-backed, proven
reforms and innovative ideas. The proof is in student learning results. Period.
And that should be the metric for determining good public policy.
First let me say that when I spent hundreds of dollars on food and clothing for my
kids this year, and worked hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime, like many
teachers did, it wasn’t all about me. It was all about the kids. Teachers routinely sacrifice greatly for their students. It’s Levesques’s side that seeks to privatize education and make a buck off of it. 
As for data driven policy, um merit pay, charter schools,
vouchers all have evidence that says they don’t work, that they aren’t good
policy but that hasn’t stopped Jeb Bush and his foundation from pushing their
public school privatization agenda. These are not data backed proven
Every time
these people speak their cluelessness and myopic hatred of teachers shines
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