Jeb Bush’s foundation doubles down on lies about Charter Schools

I don’t envy Jeb Bush, Patricia Levesque and Tony Bennett
hunkered down in their bunker furiously coming up with ways to spin the
revelation that Tony Bennett had the grades of a wealthy donors charter school
adjusted for a C to an A. It must be frustrating to see their house of card
crumbing down around them.
I don’t envy them but I don’t feel sorry for them either.
Their unethical policies designed to enrich their friends and donors have held
back children and knee capped the proud profession of public school teacher.
is what Patricia Levesque said in The Tampa Times, “Commissioner
Bennett and his department found and corrected a mistake that would have
unfairly penalized 13 schools missing data for grades they did not even serve.
They fixed a problem to be accurate and fair – any accusation otherwise is
false and politically motivated,” reads the statement released by Bush’s foundation Tuesday
goes on: “A-F school grading empowers parents to know how well schools are
serving their children, in a transparent and easy to understand way. In 2012,
Indiana was in its first year of its new school grading calculation, and there
is always a learning process when implementing a policy new to a state.
Not, wow, if he did that we should get rid of him, because
getting things right for our children is most important. I really feel as if
the press could catch Bennett with a dead girl or a live boy and they would
spin it in a positive light. 
If they wanted to retain any shred of credibility should
have taken a tact similar to Teresa Meredith in the Chesterton Tribune: it’s time to call the Bennett
school letter grade scandal exactly what it is—cheating.
Emails obtained by the Associated Press and released Monday
show that former Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett
and his staff worked furiously last September to artificially raise the letter
grade of the Christel House Academy, an Indianapolis charter school created by
a prominent donor to both Bennett’s political campaign and to others in his
political party.
are no excuses for the actions taken by Bennett and his staff as revealed in
the string of emails other than favoritism, cronyism, self-interest, and
hubris—none of which has a place in public school policymaking.

Finally, what else have they manipulated, spun or lied
about to further their agenda. My guess is this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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  1. Let's not forget Patricia Levesque and former FLDOE commisioner had their emails made public last year. It revealed her attempts to manipulate the way legislation is implemented at the DOE and she recommended he add Charter Schools USA to the list of recommended EMO's that can help the state takeover a school. Charter Schools USA has given A LOT of money to Jeb's foundation. unbelievably there was little press on this issue.

  2. And Tony Bennett's wife now works for Charter Schools USA,|newswell|text||p

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