Jeb Bush’s education initiatives take another hit.

Just a week after Jeb visited Michigan to bad talk teachers
and their representatives, I am told he does that even before he orders pizza
too, and to lobby for the common core initiative, the Michigan legislature
voted to discontinue funding for the common core.
When will Florida wake up about this snake salesman, oh wait
they already did to a degree this spring when they voted down the parent
trigger and his advanced graduation requirements. Hopefully this charlatan’s 15
minutes is nearly over.

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2 Replies to “Jeb Bush’s education initiatives take another hit.”

  1. So you are giving Jeb Bush credit for Common Core. I'm surprised you would give him credit for anything good in education.

  2. He is the salesman in chief when it come to common core. I'm not for increased standardized testing which from what I an tell is all this is. I think at the very least we should slow down and get it right.

    Interestingly enough many tea party groups have joined many unions in protesting it.

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