Jeb Bush wants to use the pandemic to dismantle public ed.

Jeb Bush is the villain of the story. A man raised in privilege who sent his children to expensive and exclusive private schools. He has an almost religious like fervor against public education and teachers. Though that being said he isn’t opposed to his family and backers making a buck. Jeb Bush views the pandemic as a nation wide hurricane Katrina and using faulty thinking and absolutely no data, he is bound and determined to use it to put a stake in the heart of public education and the teachers who work in them.

From the Washington Post,

In the face of a viral pandemic that has closed schools nationwide, one might expect that all school districts would rush to provide distance-learning opportunities to students. But that’s not what has happened.

Um, why would school districts rush to embrace distance learning? If anything the pandemic has proved it doesn’t work for many and not as well for most.
In Oregon, unions pressured school officials to block transfers of students into public charter schools that use virtual classrooms; Michigan’s state superintendent denied credit for online learning, citing state law requiring in-person attendance. Other school districts have capped online learning or denied it altogether, citing “equity” issues. In effect, school leaders are saying: If we can’t provide online instruction for all students, we won’t provide it for any.

He is only two paragraphs in when he blames unions and ignores the inequalities that distance learning creates. 

The digital divide is real. Only two-thirds of rural homes have broadband; low-income families typically lack access to Internet-enabled devices beyond smartphones.

The digital divide is real but how is that public education’s fault?

But stopping distance learning over equity concerns is a false choice. Many school districtsstate leaders and others have figured out how to keep instruction going. Some opened access to virtual schools. Some, supported by private donations, have given laptops and tablets to students who need them. Others have made do by printing reams of classroom materials.

Ugh, as usual these cads use a kernel of truth in their cob of lies. How many districts have quit virtual learning because of the problems it creates? A few. How many haven’t, the vast majority. Bush is the man behind the curtain asking you to ignore your eyes and ears and facts.  

It’s time to learn the lessons from these heroic efforts and plan for a future in which public education can continue without access to classrooms — not just because of a pandemic but because that’s the future of learning. 

Is it the future of learning, kids alone in their houses logged in to computers? Social interaction gone. To me that sounds like a nightmare. Also where did Bush get his degree in education or child psychology? Oh wait he has neither.

There was more, a lot more, I would encourage you to read it just to see what we are up against,

This has been hard. Hard on students, teachers, families and communities, and Bush would have us double down on what hasn’t been working for many and what hasn’t been working as well for most.

Instead of investing in public ed or thanking them for all they have done, Bush wants us to dissolve it. Bush is the villain of the story. 

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