Jeb Bush says I blew it but can I have a do over please.

Jeb Bush was in charge of education in Florida for 8 years.
During that time he decided to fail third graders, enact the A-F grading system
which has been more punitive than helpful and was also in charge of our
standards. He had an iron glove around the throat of education.

This is what he said in Boston earlier this week: I understand there are those opposed to the standards. But what
I want to hear from them is more than just opposition. I want to hear their
solutions for the hodgepodge of dumbed-down state standards that have created
group mediocrity in our schools.

At least some of those “dumbed down state standards”
must have come from Florida right? Does he mean despite all his efforts Florida
schools are mediocre too? Remember he was in charge in Florida for 8 years.

It sounds like he is saying oops, if only I
would have come up with common core when I was governor then things would have
been a lot better in Florida, a
nd now he wants a do-over.

More likely he wants to make him, his family
members and supporters money.

He then went on to slam teachers, this guy
really can’t help himself, by saying, Delay is a strategy designed for the
comfort of adults, not the progress of children.

Who does he think is providing instruction,
staying late, spending what little money they have on their children and classrooms?
He obviously thinks he is better able to decide what teachers and students need
despite the fact he never spent one day in a classroom.

He is asking for solutions, well I have one,
get of education Jeb you are doing much more harm than good.

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