Jeb Bush loses credibility by supporting Tony Bennett

 I should have written, what little credibility he had left.
is what Bush’s hand picked director of his education foundation, Patricia Levesque
said in a note sent to the Tampa Times, “Commissioner Bennett
and his department found and corrected a mistake that would have unfairly
penalized 13 schools missing data for grades they did not even serve. They
fixed a problem to be accurate and fair – any accusation otherwise is false and
politically motivated,” reads the statement released by Bush’s foundation Tuesday
goes on: “A-F school grading empowers parents to know how well schools are
serving their children, in a transparent and easy to understand way. In 2012,
Indiana was in its first year of its new school grading calculation, and there
is always a learning process when implementing a policy new to a state.
best thing to do is to lay out the facts, which is what Commissioner Bennett is
doing. Political attacks will come and go. The focus must remain on ensuring
every student has access to a high-quality education that prepares them for
 Apparently the facts have led to his
resignation, and to be honest if they were so concerned about facts they wouldn’t
be pushing for charters and vouchers.

How, the Bush foundation can defend the indefensible
is beyond me. How from this point on anybody can entertain his ideas is beyond
me too.  

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  1. Either Bush thinks the citizens of Florida are either stupid or apathetic. Probably both. Talk about hubris.

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