Jeb Bush is the Villian of the story! Calls for an American Ubermensch.

Who does Jeb Bush really care about?
Jeb Bush really wants us to be more like
China, ironic because technically it is still a communist country and I can’t
imagine that being a great campaign slogan for his 2016 presidential run. And
yes that is the same China that has suicide nets around some of its factories
to prevent their workers from jumping to their deaths.

From the Miami Herald: Bush has repeatedly explained the standards,
implemented and controlled by the states, are designed to make the United
States more competitive with the rest of the world. He said those who oppose
the standards support the “status quo,” oppose testing and are worried too much
about children’s self-esteem.

“Let me tell you something. In Asia today, they don’t care about children’s
self esteem. They care about math, whether they can read – in English – whether
they understand why science is important, whether they have the grit and
determination to be successful,” Bush said.

“You tell me which society is going to be the winner in this 21st Century:
The one that worries about how they feel, or the one that worries about making
sure the next generation has the capacity to eat everybody’s lunch?”

You see friends he doesn’t think we have a poverty problem, despite the fact
when poverty is factored out our international rankings zoom to the top, he
thinks we have a kid coddling problem.

Self esteem-shelmf meshteem, right, what does that matter when a kid, all be
it though a miserable kid who has the joy of learning physical drained from his
body, if he can do algebra.

Jeb Bush paints a picture of a dystopian future where Terminators (American
school children) go around eating everybody’s lunch, where America is the master
race, The Übermensch and he thinks standardized testing is the
way to get it.

Jeb Bush was in charge of education in
Florida for 8 years. During that time he decided to fail third graders, enact
the A-F grading system which has been more punitive than helpful and was also
in charge of our standards. He had an iron glove around the throat of
This is something Jeb said a few months
ago: I understand there are those opposed to the
standards. But what I want to hear from them is more than just opposition. I
want to hear their solutions for the hodgepodge of dumbed-down state standards
that have created group mediocrity in our schools.
At least some of those
“dumbed down state standards” must have come from Florida right? Does he mean
despite all his efforts Florida schools are mediocre too? Remember he was in
charge in Florida for 8 years.
It sounds like he is
saying oops, if only I would have come up with common core when I was governor
then things would have been a lot better in Florida, and now he wants a
More likely he wants to
make him, his family members and supporters money.
He then went on to slam
teachers, this guy really can’t help himself, by saying, Delay is a strategy
designed for the comfort of adults, not the progress of children.
Who does he think is
providing instruction, staying late, spending what little money they have on
their children and classrooms? He obviously thinks he is better able to decide
what teachers and students need despite the fact he never spent one day in a
He is asking for
solutions, well I have one, get of education Jeb you are doing much more harm
than good.

If you want more solutions how about more trade, skills and arts programs
that play to student’s strengths instead of continuing to stuff them all into a
one size fits all curriculum. Not every kid is going to go to college and that
is okay.

How about we stop ignoring poverty or calling it an excuse.Yeah kind of the
way gravity is just an excuse that we don’t float off into space. More and more
academic research is coming out showing how debilitating it actual is.

research suggests that children who experience poverty early on in their lives
may suffer negative brain changes that can lead to lifelong problems, such as
learning difficulties, depression and the inability to cope with stress. This
is according to a study published in JAMA

Also does common core take care of hungry children’s bellies, or make
neighborhoods safer. Does it give parents to worried about how they are going
to put food on the table the time and energy to help their children out? Does
it give kids more time to learn material and put our best teachers in our
struggling schools? Does it put into place social workers and mental health
counselors because why a kid acts up or does poorly in school often has nothing
to do with school? But then again according to Jeb kids can overcome those
things as long as they understand science is important.

The truth is Jeb Bush isn’t out their shilling for poor mostly minority
kids. He could care less about them and nowhere is that more evidence than his
support of vouchers. He wants kids to go to private schools so they can escape
their failing public schools, just not the type of private schools where he
sent his children to. You know the ones with the professional teachers, well
rounded curriculums, numerous extra-curricular events, small classes and who
don’t over-depend on standardized tests. Abandoned strip malls, teachers with
associates degrees and curriculums that don’t pass muster are okay for our kids

No Jeb Bush is only concerned with protecting legacy despite the fact in
reality it is nothing but a house of cards.

When I think about Bush’s education reforms I am reminded of a commercial
from a few years back. A few friends were sitting around and one told the story
about how he made the winning kick in a high school game from 10 yards out. The
next time he told the story he was 35 yards away and it was raining. Then every
time he told the story the game got bigger, the kick got further away and the
weather conditions got worse until finally he was in a snow storm from 60 yards
away in the biggest game ever. He gleefully and without conscious announced he
nailed it.

That describes what Bush wants people to believe about his education reforms
accept he goes right to the longest kick, in the biggest game, under the worst
conditions. Jeb Bush gleefully and without conscious announces he nailed it to
anybody willing to listen and sadly that number includes a lot of influential
politicians. Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Bob MacDonald of Virginia
have bought what he is selling hook line and sinker but they aren’t the only

Jeb Bush has been touring the nation telling people that his A-F school grading
system has led to massive improvements in Florida’s schools and his evidence is
schools receiving an A grade increased nearly fourfold in a six year period,
1999-2005. What Mr. Bush doesn’t mention is Florida changed the rules several
times, in effect moving the goal post closer, making it easier for schools to
get A grades.

Matt DiCarlo in the Shanker blog details Bush’s shenanigans masterfully, he
writes how two changes to the A-F grading system in 2000 and 2002 led to much
but not all of the improvement.

Friends this is another example of corporate reformers cherry picking stats and
overstating accomplishments, charter schools and vouchers anyone? Jeb Bush was
the governor of Florida; I can’t imagine that he is a dumb man which begs the
question why would he do this? If he is on the right side of the argument why
doesn’t he let the evidence speak for itself? The answer is he can’t because
the evidence paints a picture that is contrary to what he is selling.

The truth is Florida has seen some modest improvement that has corresponded
with both the grading measures and the class size initiative. Former Florida
Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson admitted last summer that they both had
played a role. The truth is there is no Jeb Bush inspired Florida miracle.

Governor Bob MacDonald of Virginia which is thought to have one of the best
school systems around was so taken with Bush he recently introduced and passed
a similar A-F grading system. This prompted outrage by the Virginia Association
of School Superintendents, who asked why are we copying reforms from states
whose schools systems aren’t doing as well as ours, but hey what do they know?*
After all they are just educators. You know, part of that that group that
because of Jeb Bush went from being dedicated, and respected to being money
hungry, stick-in-the-muds whose sole focus is to protect bad teachers.

Jeb Bush’s education reforms can be summed up thusly, create a controversy by
saying our schools are failing and by demonizing teachers, put in place a
measure that confirms his initial concerns which allows him to handicap the
teaching profession and begin the process to privatize, amend the initial
grading system so it appears as if things have improved, thus validating the
changes in the first place, repeat.

Evidence, facts, even common decency and a genuine concern for our children
don’t factor into what he is selling. He is a fanatic on a mission that not so
coincidently has also lined the pockets of his family and supporters. He is not
a miracle worker; instead he is a well paid charlatan and woe to those who
think he is anything different.


Let’s sum up his greatest hits

Poor kids should have vouchers to go to
private schools, just not the private schools his children went to.
Educating children should be like
shopping for milk.
Florida’s state colleges of education
should be blown up, Taliban style. Okay I added those last two words.
The class size amendment is a failure
and who cares if its initiation corresponds with the modest improvements in
Florida schools.
Experience and education for teachers
doesn’t matter, that’s right education doesn’t matter in education.
We need to rescue education from the
tyranny of unions. You know those all powerful unions assuring teacher’s
opulent lifestyles.
We need to be student centered. Um, I
don’t know any student who wanted to be tested to death, put in a one track
fits all curriculum and not be able to go to any classes they might actually
enjoy. You know what happened in Florida because of him. 
His man crush for common core. The
untested common core that doesn’t address poverty and if you can believe it,
calls for even more testing. 
And now we can add his call for ignoring
children’s self-esteem, as if it is a nuisance and his call for an American Übermensch.

I also have no doubt that when Bush’s education apartheid/destroy the
teaching profession movement has finally run its course, when people realize
his ideas have failed propped up by billions of dollars; people will consider
Jeb Bush the villain of the story.

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