Jason Fischer’s symbolic vote against poor and minority students

The first thing the school board does at their monthly
meeting is vote on the consent agenda, what they are covering that day. It’s a
formality and in the history of me following the school board, maybe in the school
boards history it has always been unanimously approved (and yes I realize just
about everything is) . That is until last night when Jason Fischer voted nay.
You see Jason Fischer really, really, really  likes choice even if it’s substandard or
funnels money to millionaires or is bad for poor and mostly minority students
and what happened yesterday was the super pulled his open enrollment proposal;
hence the nay vote.
The problem with Fischer is he doesn’t care if his votes
hurt mostly poor and minority students, see teach for America or open
enrollment. He doesn’t even care if it hurts the people in his neighborhood as
many local citizens pushed back against the proposed charter school on Skinner
Blvd. You know the one that isn’t needed.  He doesn’t care and he also doesn’t understand
that choice just for choices sake is a bad choice.
How somebody who has such open disdain for public schools
was elected is beyond me.
For shame.

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