Jason Fischer’s game is hypocrisy

I want to point a couple things about Fischer out.

Fischer ran for soil and water before he ran for school board.

He turned that first race partisan when he somehow got Jeb Bush to endorse him. He was caught publicly lying a few times so I thought he was sunk, but hey Mandarin. 

He quit to run for the state house.

In his day job he literally works for the states voucher king, John Kirtley.  

Then he routinely inserts millions into the state budget for his super donors pet charter school. The donor Gary Chartrand does not live in Jacksonville and the school, KIPP, isn’t in Fischer’s district.

That’s just a few of his hits.

At tonight’s School Board meeting, Ashley Smith Juarez made a great point about Fischer.

Jason Fischer who started his political career by being elected to the school board now wants to end Jacksonville’s ability to vote for school board members. You know because reasons.

Also I always thought a central tenant to republican politics was democracy works best when it is closest to the people. It’s more responsive and more direct. His proposal guts direct democracy.

That’s the thing about Fischer, he has no code, he has no scruples. he says and does what he thinks will benefit him and him alone and he doesn’t care if he lavishes public money on his donors or tries to strip voters of their right to pick their Representatives.

Jason Fischer doesn’t just represent all that is wrong in politics but all that is wrong in humanity as well.

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