Jason Fischer’s (candidate school board district 7) less than compelling resume

First on his web-site he didn’t make the distinction between being a civilian engineer who worked for the Navy and being a Navy engineer, a distinction he continued to fail to make on the campaign trail.

Then once he was made aware that at least some people thought his campaign literature was deceptive, correcting it on his web-page, he didn’t feel the need to correct it on his mail outs where he continued to identify himself as a Naval engineer.

He also didn’t reveal that this is not his first foray into politics as he ran for the water and soil board a few years back. Hmm I wonder what he cares about most, our children, our water, or just getting his foot in the door of politics.

But worst of all are his ideas. He doesn’t think teachers are professionals or their experience matters; he is okay with larger classes and the avalanche of high stakes standardized tests and would actively seek to privatize our schools from within. Shouldn’t our board members be advocates for our schools? I think so.

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  1. Ok, from an engineer..yup, a real one with the lil paper license thingy…is he 1) a licensed Professional Engineer and 2) a NAVY Vet? If neither, he is nothing. If just an engineer, he is JUST an engineer, albeit employed. If he is a Navy Vet AND an engineer, then he is a Naval Engineer. But, really, he is just trolling for military votes to get into politics.

    Standardized tests (FCAT) suck, larger class sizes are horrible (NOTE, FORTY percent of all students have some sort of learning challenge). Privatizing is only a way for administrators to spend more money. Tried Virtual School over the summer…hated it. It is good for some things, some kids, and some reasons…but NOT for a mandatory force-fed option to allow the schools to reduce funding and privatize.

  2. Chris,

    I'm sure you will spend just as much time going over the resume of his opponent.

    When can we expect that story?

  3. It's getting a little old watching you and the media attack Jason Fischer. If you knew him, you'd know he's a stand-up guy. Also, if you knew anything about working as a civilian for the military (as my brother has been doing for years as an engineer) you'd know that Jason did not deceive anybody on purpose and his description of his job was acceptable.

    Obviously Jon Heymann has good friends in the liberal media and the teachers' union. At some point, we need someone who wants to focus on our children and Mr. Guerrieri, you seem to be more focused on your blog than you are teaching our children. Is it true you actually post these blogs while you should be teaching? As a former teacher and parent, I'd like to ask that you please focus on what your students are learning and less on politics.

  4. Jason Fischer has no integrity or credibility. He purposely misrepresented his experience and tried to take credit for military service he did not do.

    First of all, I am a Civil Engineer. And I know that most engineers don't just call themselves an engineer but specify what type of engineer like Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Structural Engineer, etc. Mr Jason Fischer has not done that, he put down Navy Engineer and civilian engineer. Both of those, don't exist. A Naval Engineer exists but Jason Fischer knows that he cannot legally call himself an Electrical Engineer or Naval Engineer in accordance to Florida State Statutes because he is only an Engineer Intern and has never passed the Professional Engineering exam and it took him two years after graduating to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. An exam that a normal, qualified person could pass in their senior semester.

    FYI, I do work as a Civil Engineer for the military and I have served in the Army and have been deployed to Afghanistan. Jason Fischer lacks a backbone and any integrity.

  5. Othello, quit being a troll. If you are an engineer you know that engineers don't seek a P.E. because it isn't a requirement for MOST of the engineering jobs. Very rarely does engineering require a P.E. license, and if it does it is usually Civil.

    To the point of FE/EIT: Civil Engineers are forced to take it in college. Mechanical engineering programs make a push for. Electrical engineering programs completely ignore it. Stop being a snob.

  6. I love it when people signed in under anonymous criticize me. Also some of your concerns for my students is touching and since you do have concerns hopefully for all our children I guess that means you will be voting for Heymann because Mr. Fischer would be bad for our schools and children. My chief criticism of Mr. Fischer is not his resume though if he padded it for gain I find that reprehensible, it is his ideas that I find terrible. This isn’t liberal bias or union loving talk either, excuses the ignorant often throw out, this is research and evidence.

    This is not to say I think Heymann is perfect, Lori, the mother was my first choice in that race but at the end of the day I think Heymann would be much better for our education system than Fischer. Then when Mr. Heymann is elected you can rest assured like I have been with all the school board members, I will be watching him very closely.

    Finally on a personal note to our former teacher and parent commenter, I work about 15 hours a week in unpaid overtime. I routinely arrive about a half hour before school starts and often stay late. I take home work because you are never completely caught up and when I have student responsibilities they are my sole focus, nothing is more important. Furthermore dozens of local teachers, parents and residents have posted on the blog and about half dozen have administrative rights too. You don’t know me, you don’t know my schedule and you don’t know how the blog works, probably because you are too busy worrying about things you shouldn’t. So until you take the time to educate yourself, stop talking out of your ass.

    1. From your former teacher and parent commenter… Guess I must've hit a hot spot… I know very well the hours teachers put in and I am certainly not speaking out of my ass. I earned tenure in the Duval County School system and served as the head of my department, spent way more than 15 hours a week in unpaid overtime and advised for two different clubs in my "off time." Maybe I don't know you but I can certainly look up public records and am shocked to see that you have had so many issues dating back from just last year to many years ago with suspended licenses, bad tags, etc. ( showcase.duvalclerk.com). Clearly, based on this record, many people might think you might not be setting the best example for our children.

      Maybe I don't know much about blogging, but when I saw your constant attacks on a good person, I felt the need to step in. No need to worry about any future comments from me because I have realized your opinions are not worth my time.

  7. Let me suggest you start a blog, Chris Guerrieri is terrible. Maybe a few letters to the editor or the folio could help out your cause too. Though if anybody has attacked anybody its you and your hypocrisy did not go unnoticed.

    If you were a teacher, which I doubt I don't understand why you are such a poor reader or why you would contemplate for a second supporting him and as for hitting a nerve I think you are the one who has one exposed right now.

    I don't know Fischer so I can't speak to his character, though if in a Navy town he did try and pad his resume as many suspect, that's pretty low, but i do his ideas and I feel they are terrible and he would be bad for our schools and until the election comes I plan to write about them often.

  8. Heymann seeking a seat on the school board all for the children? Really? Is that why he lobbies the school board for money?

    Heymann gets millions from sole source contracts and grants from school board. The tax funded Jax Childrens Commission also gives him millions and it is partially funded by the school board. This is about money, power, and control.

  9. I have written about that on the blog, his group actualy gets very little from the school board, instead they get the vast ammount of their funding from the JCC but it is true the JCC gets thier funding from the school board.

    But at the end of the day I feel he would be better for our kids than a Jeb Bush wannabe.

  10. Chris,
    I see you still haven't reported on the resume of Heymann but instead are now trying to pass the buck to the liberal T-U and the socalist leaning FolioWeekly.

    You know full well they both support the tax and spend Heymann and are not about to go over his resume.

    So, how about it?
    When will we see your report on Heymann?

    Thought so!

  11. I see you still haven't typed Heymann into the search box, I have written about him and been critical too but at the end of the day I feel he would be much better than Fischer.

    Tax and spend, liberal, these are talking points designed to fire up republicans and to be honest I have no idea what Heymann's political party is. Do you? This is about ideas and Fischers are bad for our schools.

  12. I knew Jason Fischer back in college as he was in the engineering department with my husband. While I can speak for his good character, what strikes me the most is he has absolutely no background in education. He has never been a teacher, has never been employed by any school for any position, and yet he wants to win a seat on our school board and make decisions for our schools, students, and teachers. Am I the only one who sees a serious problem with this? He is against tenure for teachers and wants to see performance pay. That is comical seeing the current salary of teachers (my teacher paycheck included) and knowing the amount engineers make. He wants to hold only teachers accountable for the results of one standardized test result, and not bring into account the role of the students and/or their parents. I have worked in an inner city school for several years and it takes more than ONLY the teacher to help a student become successful. So why hold only the teacher responsible if that student does not meet his/her potential? I am truly saddened, not angry, to see someone that has NO background at all in education making such bold statements about what he would do to change it. Instead of running for a high profile political position, come to a school and spend a few years in the classroom with us. Then come back and tell me about your plans for education reform.

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