Jason Fischer wants two million extra for the KIPP charter schools

Even if you love charter schools and think they should replace public schools this story should outrage you. 

Annually Jason Fischer inserts extra money in the budget for the KIPP school above and beyond what they are supposed to get from the state. This year he wants an extra two million, this in addition to the two million he had the state give them last year.


Why this charter school, which isn’t even in his district? Well it probably has to do with Gary Chartrand and several others related to the KIPP school giving Fischer buckets of cash  

These are irrefutable facts.

Gary Chartrand is responsible for bringing the KIPP charter school to Jacksonville.

Over the years Chartrand (and his friends and family) have given thousands of dollars to Fischer.

Fischer had a two million dollar grant given to the KIPP charter school last year as well.


Line 111

Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Jacksonville (HB 2851) (Senate Form 1756)…………………….. 2,000,000 

Fischer also voted for a budget last year that gave our school district just an extra 47 cents per pupil in discretionary spending which in Duval was about 70 thousand dollars or 1.93 million less than he wants to give the KIPP charter school. 

Those are all irrefutable facts.

Last year after the bill failed he just had the money inserted into the budget. Bill fails, put it in the budget anyways, that’s how it works in Tallahassee because it has become so broken after twenty years of republican rule. 

Now some of you might be thinking why should I care what a representative in Jacksonville does, well there are a couple reasons, first that is two million in Tax Payer dollars, that came from all of us and second, his donor, Gary Chartrand was also on the state board of education, and let that sink in.

Chartrand the founder and benefactor of the KIPP charter school gave Fischer thousands of dollars and Fischer has rewarded him with two million for his charter school. Though he is not the only one. Mayor Curry also a huge recipient of Chartrand’s largess had the rules of the Jacksonville Children’s Commission (now the Kids hope Alliance) changed in order to give the KIPP school nearly a million dollars two years ago.  

Where as outrageous as this is just standard operating procedure for the republicans who operate as if they can do whatever they want.

For example new education commissioner and former speaker of the house, Richard Corcoran’s wife is a charter school operator and he joined a half dozen other legislators who either they benefit or their families benefit from public school kneecapping and charter enriching legislation.

Manny Diaz chair of the senate education commission, works for a college that runs a charter school that funnels students from the charter school into the college and makes six figures for doing so. 

There are many such examples.

The republican party is not leading us, they are lording over us as they enrich themselves and their donors and they do so at the expense of the teaching profession and public education and quite frankle friends it should outrageous us all.

Jason Fischer has been an ardent foe of public education and supporter of charters and we should all know why.

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