Jason Fischer votes against funding public education

Sadly he was not alone as locally he was
joined by Senator Aaron Bean and representatives, Byrd, Yarborough and Fant ,
which are all the republican members of the Duval delegation.  
you might be thinking didn’t they already do this and the answer would sadly be
yes but they were recently give a chance to rectify their terrible
Florida Politics:
 Two South Florida state lawmakers plan to ask the Legislature to
increase the public education budget, which they say was insufficiently funded
during the 2018 Legislative Session and anticipate a budget shortfall
exacerbated by mandates passed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Public Safety Act.
 Schools, the lawmakers claim, were blindsided by provisions in SB
, the school safety bill passed
in the wake of the Feb. 14 massacre in Parkland.
The sweeping package appropriated $67 million to a program
designed to arm non-teacher personnel in schools, resulting in an estimated
$101.5 per-student increase to education funding. But the program is optional,
and some of Florida’s largest school districts have already opted out of it.
That’s led some to claim that the actual increase in base allocation per pupil
is closer to 47 cents. 
as reported 
the News Service of Florida, said in March that they would not be able to staff
at least one armed person at each school, another provision included in SB
7026. The Times/Herald bureau reported earlier
this month that nearly all of 23 school districts sampled in a survey indicated
they anticipate a shortfall in funding.

“School Districts across the state are hurting,” Jones said in a
prepared statement. “They are asking us to rectify this egregious oversight. We
will not stand idly by as we see the integrity of Florida’s educational
institutions crumble because our leadership fails to provide us a proper
foundation to build Florida’s future.”

Instead of voting to rectify
his mistake, instead of listening to the pleas of the superintendent and
school board, and instead of standing up for his constituents, Fischer and the
other republican members of the Duval delegation voted to continue to under fund

Hey parents, what
do you think about that but before you answer remember he put two million
dollars into the state budget for his mega donor, Gary Chartrand’s charter school.
The KIPP school is not in his district and it’s doubtful many of any of the
families that send their children there live in his district either.
Friends Jason Fischer does not represent the people of district 16, which has some of the best schools in the state which he consistently votes to starve, and never has. Isn’t it time we replaced him and the other republican members of the Duval Delegation with representatives who are going to stand up for their constituents and pubic education? Isn’t it?

To read more, click the link: http://floridapolitics.com/archives/264424-special-session-on-school-funding-appears-dead

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