Jason Fischer utterly clueless about education

And I am sure that’s not all, but what can we expect, he was utterly clueless when he was on the school board too.

Fierce education advocate John Meeks shared my piece about the lack of outrage in under funding our schools and state representative Jason Fischer chimed in.

Jason Fischer He’s either purposefully dishonest or he is really bad at math because the average per pupil increase was $101 across the state. Not only that the per pupil going up so is the overall district budget.


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Hoo boy, first Jason Fischer has a long and documented history of lying to people, dating back to when he told people he was in the navy, spoiler alert he wasn’t but worse than that is his complete lack of knowledge. His willful ignorance and/or choice to be callous is disturbing.

Duval County, the district he represents did not receive 101 dollars, they only received 62, of which 61.53 was mandated to be spent mostly on security, leaving the district a mere 47 cents for them to pay for other things, like teacher raises, rising health care costs, and a whole host of other things.

What is his response to this? To shrug his shoulders and call me a liar is what.

District 16, Mandarin and San Marco, what has this guy brought to the table other than quitting the school board and then voting to gut pubic education. He’s not a high character guy either in fact friends he works for one of his biggest campaign donors, John “the voucher king” Kirtley and has taken tens of thousand of dollars from mostly for profit charter school interests. He represents them, not us.

It’s time we sent him packing and if you are looking for somebody to support here is a much better option.


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