Jason Fischer turns his attacks towards superintendent Greene

Jason Fischer, Lenny Curry and Gary Chartrand routinely compete for who is the worst. Fischer today pulled into the lead and he did it on behalf of the other two.

Fischer amended his universally reviled J-1 bill which would have the school board appointed, to making the superintendent elected. Um, think about that, originally he thought elections were the problem and we needed appointments, now he thinks appointments are the problem and we need elections. He is a bad joke that unfortunately the people of Jacksonville have to endure.

From Florida Politics, 

On Friday afternoon, the Jacksonville City Council Rules Committee planned to consider a motion to oppose proposed changes to the local school board.
But before they could do that, the bill was changed.
Ordinance 2019-595 would express opposition to a proposed “local bill” in the state Legislature that would allow the Jacksonville Mayor to appoint the Duval County School Board.
Hours before the meeting, the local bill proposed was changed. The new version scraps that and seeks an elected superintendent, a move that would align Duval with 41 other counties in the state.
Local Bill J-1 was drafted in August by state Rep. Jason Fischer, a former School Board member.
Fischer is an ally of Mayor Lenny Curry, and Curry wants an elected Superintendent — currently an appointed position.
Fischer explained the changes Friday, saying there was “no better way to strengthen voters’ voices and control over their local school system than to elect the Superintendent.”
Hahahaha, Jason said he cared about voters, oh boy I am just glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that,
Jason doesn’t care about anybody but himself, though he will do the bidding of Curry, Chartrand and others if he thinks it will get him somewhere. They think if the position is elected they can get some big dollar player in here to take the job, instead of somebody with expertise and experience, someone who will aid them with their agenda to privatize our schools. They are comic book villains  
Fischer is the worse and more and more people are coming to realize that.
One last thing, when we had a white guy super, one who cow towed to the city’s elite, this wasn’t a discussion and that should really tell you all you need to know.

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