Jason Fischer sells out public schools.

I find it egregious that school board member Jason Fischer
mentioned Student’s First State Quality Report Card in his letter to the editor
bemoaning Florida’s lack of financial transparency. Three random teachers at
happy hour could produce a document with more validity.
If you didn’t know it Students First is the disgraced former
Superintendent of Washington D.C. Micelle Rhee’s group. It’s also known as an
astro turf group because it tries to effect policy that generally has very
little to do with it’s members. They are also largely responsible for the
failed parent trigger legislation of the last two years.
Does anybody find it troubling that Jason Fischer puts so
such faith in the report card that just issued it’s second report ever or in Michelle
Rhee who has had character and cheating issues follow her? Is anybody else alarmed
that a public school board member is so enamored with a pro public school
privatization group?
Here are some of the things that Students First advocates
for that Florida didn’t do so well in which led to the D+ grade that has Mr.
Fischer so upset. We don’t have laws in place that allow the state to take over
districts and we don’t have mayoral control of districts. Florida has class
size limits for grades above 4th and teachers have pensions.
It is not a stretch to say that Students First would like to
do away with public education and replace it with a mishmash of charters,
private schools that take vouchers and kids sitting in front of computers
taking tests all day long.
You know what I would like? A school board member dedicated
to improving our schools not one who would prefer privatization, large
unmanageable classes and teachers who after a lifetime of service are dependent
on the stock market for survival.
Chris Guerrieri

School Teacher

Here is his letter: 

Here is the students first report card criteria: http://reportcard.studentsfirst.org/assets/2014Methodology.pdf

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