Jason Fischer says the school board already works for the city

Is it troubling to anyone else that Jason Fischer just makes stuff up? That he lies as effortless and any of us breathe?

In a Facebook discussion he said the school board already reports to the city.

  • Jason Fischer The school board is the government. Also, DCPS is part of the city charter, so unlike other school boards around the state, it reports to the city of jacksonville already

Um, I hope everyone understands that has never happened, something since Jason Fischer served almost one full term on the school board, before he quit.

Later in the thread he brags about keeping serifs elected.

  • Jason Fischer Leanne Sykes-King I ran the constitutional amendment to guarantee Sheriffs were elected. Infact they Sheriffs associate gave me an award for it.

In Jacksonville our murder capital is currently twenty percent higher than its previous record. If there is a status quo, that Fischer is always mentioning, that isn’t working it would seem to be coming from the sheriff’s office.

Jason Fischer is not above lying if he thinks its something he can sell, something he proved when he first ran for school board. Now he says he is just trying to have a conversation.

Jason Fischer as far as the J1, that’s where the charter revision commission left off the conversation. It’s the most logical place to restart the conversation about how we structure the school system. Status quo isn’t working for the kids.

Who is not working for kids is Jason Fischer. He consistently has been a road block to their success.

Come on Jacksonville we should be better to do this guy. 

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