Jason Fischer represents the special interests that are wrecking our public schools.

When reacting to AG Pam Bondi’s endorsement Mr. Fischer said: “I am the one candidate in this race ready to tackle the special interests and make Duval County a better place to live and where businesses want to locate because of our great schools and strong, educated workforce.”

What special interests is he talking about? TFA or KIPP brought here by Gary Chartrand? How about one of the two charter school lobbies? Perhaps he is talking about PENN, the scab teacher’s organization? Maybe it’s one of the 15 private companies trying to open charter schools here in town?

Actually he is talking about all of them because those are the special interests that are actively trying to take a bite out of local funding and erode local control of schools and those are the special interest that he and the right supports. He won’t be fighting special interests, he will be championing them.

Our public schools need somebody to speak for them and Mr. Fischer is not that person.

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