Jason Fischer really hates public schools.

I wonder if they pulled his pig tails and put them in ink.

Jason Fischer once again proves his loyalty is not to Florida’s families or children when he wrote his op- ed supporting the Schools of Hope bill, but it is to the charter school operators who filled his campaign coffers with tens of thousands of dollars.

Fischer is also more than disingenuous in his defense of the bill as most teachers who he says will get bonuses, most parents who fought for recess and most school board members and superintendents those with an understanding of what the bill will do are against it.  They are because where they acknowledge there may be a few good things in the bill overall it is a pox on public education.

He then talks over and over about failing schools without mentioning there is already a mechanism, opportunity scholarships, in place for children to leave schools with multiple F and D grades where the district must also provide transportation. Most of these schools are in neighborhoods wracked with poverty and I am not sure if the extra 16 dollars per pupil, a number Fischer felt was so important he mentioned, is going to make a difference.

Here are some numbers that Fischer left out, 352, as in the number of charter schools that have taken money and failed over the years, costing hundreds of millions in tax payer dollars, leaving communities and children in a lurch, four in the last year in a half in Jacksonville alone and one million, the amount of tax payer money he secured for the KIPP school whose founder, Gary Chartrand, has been a substantial donor to Fischer over the years, and KIPP is part of one of the networks that would benefit from the bad bill.

Fischer though I am sure he didn’t mean to also told us that the charter schools we have here in Florida are as a group bad, if not why would we be setting hundreds of millions aside to attract out of state charter operators?

When Jason Fischer was on the school board he never met a charter school, he didn’t like and this has followed him to Tallahassee. Shouldn’t we elect officials who want to work with and improve our public schools, rather than ones who want to enrich their campaign contributors at the expense of our schools and children? I think we should.

Finally, if you care about our public schools or even if you just don’t believe in crony capitalism which is what this bill is, please ignore Fischer and urge Governor Scott to veto it.

If you want to read his op-ed, try not to wretch, here is a link.

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  1. Now that JF is gone you will see that he wasn't alone. Ashley Juarez is just as bad and just as sneaky. Please write a piece on her and how she doesn't care about public schools. How did she get the job again? She went to all private schools and only worked at private, sounds like our sec of education.Her true colirs are coming out now and also Lori Hershey. They are all about charter.

    1. ASJ was trying to get rid of Vitti. She used to work under Shartrand. That took some cojones. We should be saluting her not trying to tear her down regardless of the fact that she is a trust fund millionaire from Bolles. Where do you think these other civic leaders came from?

      Hint: Either not from around these parts or Bolles/Episcopol—which might as well be the same damn thing.

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