Jason Fischer of all people calls for Connie Hall to resign.

At today’s special school board meeting called to discuss
dysfunction on the board, Jason Fischer called for Connie Hall to resign over
texts revealed last week.  Admittedly
enough one, where she referred to Vitti as, special ed in action, was in poor taste,
though I don’t think it anywhere near approaches something to resign over. Also
I don’t want to come off as an expert on board relationships but I am pretty
sure calling on a colleague to resign isn’t going to help the dysfunction.
You know what somebody should resign over? How about
announcing just barely past the half way mark of your term that you had done
all you can do and you were seeking a spot in the Florida House of
Representatives? Or how about taking thousands of dollars from special
interests and then voting to enrich those special interests at the expense of
your constituents? How about voting for ideological and partisan causes rather
than what’s best for our schools, students and teachers.
How about those things, or you know things that Jason
Fischer has routinely done.
I don’t want to defend Connie Hall but I find it rich that Jason
Fischer who has done more damage to the district in his first term than even I
thought possible is calling or her to resign.

Yes our board is dysfunctional but culprit one is Jason Fischer
and he should look in the mirror and follow his own advice. At the very least he’ll
have more time to campaign for his house run. 

4 Replies to “Jason Fischer of all people calls for Connie Hall to resign.”

  1. From the Florida Times-Union story: 'Board member Jason Fischer indicated his constituents found Hall’s remarks derogatory toward people with disabilities.'

    So what? What does that have to do with anything? Is he saying that so his views will have more merit? Let's hear what Hall's constituents have to say about her representation.

    1. Fischer doesn't care about anyone outside his district. His actions during the boundary zoning changes proves that.

      This whole thing reads like a bad 3rd grade play. Cue the faux outrage from former Naval engineer Jason Fischer errr I mean former Naval contractor Fischer.(There is a difference unless you're running for public office apparently.)

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