Jason Fischer learned in Lenny Curry’s world you are useful until you aren’t. (draft)

I don’t think there is anybody that Lenny Curry wouldn’t throw under the bus if he thought it would benefit him. First it was the city’s schools and children, and now Jason Fischer has tread marks. If I was Sam Mousa I would be getting worried.

Jason Fischer introduced the universally panned J-1 bill that wanted to strip voters of the right to vote for the school board and instead make them appointed by the mayor. It is inconceivable that he did so without input from the Mayor, inconceivable.

Curry, I believe looking for cover from one of the scandals currently rocking city hall and seeing how unpopular the proposal was, promptly threw Fischer under the nearest bus.

From Florida Politics,

  In football terms, it would be a quarterback option.

With Jacksonville currently debating a proposed local bill for a mayoral-appointed School Board, Mayor Lenny Curry on Tuesday called for something else.
Keep the School Board elected, Curry said.
Curry ally and state Rep. Jason Fischer proposed a measure last week to bring the School Board under the purview of the Mayor’s Office.
However, Curry denied any input on the bill, and he let Fischer know on Tuesday that he saw it differently.
While Curry recognizes that Fischer “started a conversation about accountability in the Executive Branch,” the Mayor believes voters should ultimately decide.
Now in the same article Curry did call for electing the superintendent, something he didn’t when a white man was super and school bard chair, hmm could we elect the city council president too perhaps from an at large member?  Two also terrible ideas but there can be know doubt the loud ka-dump, ka-dump, ka-dump you just heard was Fisher getting rolled over by a buses three sets of wheels.
Mousa, Sam, get in front of this once one domino falls, more inevitably do. You might be thinking he would never do that to you, well buddy, that’s what the city’s children thought as well.

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  1. Electing a superintendent is the stupidest idea! This is just another way for Curry and his cronies to circumvent the real public schools in favor of charter schools, which in my humble opinion are private schools paid for with public money. Plus, someone could be elected without any background in education at all. Unbelievable!

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