Jason Fischer is the status quo he rails against

Jason Fischer says the status quo id Duval’s school system isn’t working and that is why he proposed bill J-1, a bill that would give the mayor the ability to appoint the school board.

He did this despite the district having it’s highest graduation ever and last year being less than one percentage point away from an A. Now personally I don’t think those are very good metrics, but they are the metrics that Fischer’s side set up that indicate success.

So despite the district heading in the right direction and being more successful in the state metrics than ever before Fischer wants to blow the system up.

He also hasn’t explained why he thinks the mayor would be better. Last I saw the only things the mayor did well was post pictures of his son working out on twitter (creepy) and giving public money away.

Fischer talks about how the status quo is failing which is ironic because he is entrenched in the status quo. If you have problems with education in Florida and I hope you do, you should point your finger at Fischer’s team, the republicans in Tallahassee who have completely controlled public education in Florida for over 20 years. They own the privatization, they own the starvation of resources, they own the over testing and the blame the teacher evaluations and the teacher shortage. 
He represents the status quo but he is so intellectually dishonest he can’t admit it.

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The status quo owns all of that.

The reality is what Fischer is trying to do has nothing to do with the status quo and has everything to do with real estate and money. The school board controls a lot and Fischer wants his donors to control it. People say all the time, just follow the money and that applies here.

Jason Fischer will say and do anything if he thinks it will advance his career and that includes selling out the city’c children and stripping people of the right to vote for their school board members and don’t think for a second that isn’t true.

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