Jason Fischer gives us an opening to abolish the city council (draft)

Jason Fischer introduce a bill called J-1 saying the school board wasn’t working and this despite the highest graduation rates and district grade, less than one percentage point away from an A in its history. Here is the thing, we do have a board that’s not working and that’s the city council. You know the status quo isn’t working for the citizens of Jacksonville. It’s time to abolish the city council and hear me out.

They let the pension problem get so out of control they had to extend the better Jacksonville Plan for another fifteen years and its going to cost our kids a ton of money for some short turn relief.

The murder rate is twenty percent higher than its record high.

We have wasted millions and millions on the landing without a plan in site.

The council is about to approve a 233 million dollar give away to a multi billionaire with lot J.

Huge swathes of our city have been perpetually ignored as well and are mired in institutional poverty.

Then this city council does not understand what its job is, they think they should manage the city’s schools too, something they weren’t elected to do.

The city council wishes they had the achievements and track record of the school board

Fischer was right, we do need to get rid of a group, he just had the wrong group. Wherever you turn you see failure after failure form the city council. They don’t listen to the citizens of Jacksonville, heck they even have public comments at the end of meetings after decisions have been made and they are lawless hiring a recent retiree Sam Mousa to be a consultant with a four year, six figures per year, no bid no outlined duties contract. They are the ones that need to go.

Audrey Gibson or Tracie Davis should file J-2 a bill to get rid of the city council. If we can get rid of the school board we can get rid of the city council as well.

Now you might be asking who would replace them but the truth is nobody they do the bidding of the mayor anyways so all they are doing is taking up space.   

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