Jason Fischer gives his donor’s pet school two million in tax payer dollars

These are irrefutable facts.

Gary Chartrand is responsible for bringing the KIPP charter school to Jacksonville.

Over the years Chartrand (and his friends and family) have given thousands of dollars to Fischer.

Fischer had a two million dollar grant given to the KIPP charter school.


Line 111

Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Jacksonville (HB 2851) (Senate Form 1756)…………………….. 2,000,000 

KIPP is not in Fischer’s district.

He voted for a budget that gave our school district just an extra 47 cents per pupil in discretionary spending. 

Those are all irrefutable facts.

I also seriously doubt if any of his constituents have children that attend the KIPP school.

Fischer does not represent the people of district 16, he represents his donors and its despicable.

 While he was giving his donor a few extra million, he also voted for a kneecapping public education budget. 

District 16 you have to do better and here is an option.

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