Jason Fischer calls for an audit of a budget he helped craft and supported.

Represenative Jason Fischer has called for an audit of the Duval
County School board finances after it was reported they spent 21 million more
than they planned too. If this isn’t the height of hypocrisy I don’t know what

Fischer gave Superintendent Vitti who was in charge of
the budget day to day  his highest marks
on effective and efficient usage of district resources, including long term
goals- 4/4 when they did his last evaluation. Couch rated Vitti 1.5, Hall rated 2, Smith-Juarez 2, Wright 2, Even Shine
only gave him a 2! Then when developing the budget, Fischer attended the Budget
workshops in February, March, April, and June before resigning on June 19th.
This is the budget he is crying about. 

The real reason he is doing so is because the board is
talking about joining the law suit that pushes back against House Bill 7069 which
would benefit charter schools who along with their supporters have given Fischer
tens of thousands of dollars. 

Fischer doesn’t care about our schools, he quit
the board before his term was up, or our children because he backs a law that
will siphon millions form their schools. Now he seeks to bully our elected representatives.  This can’t be what the people who elected him to the house voted for. 

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher 

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  1. Fischer is a tool. Always has been always will be. Today his buddy Curry said he wants to influence education now that Vitti is gone. I guess he's gonna outsource education to chartrand the same way he defers to Khan for everything else.

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