Jason Fischer called me a pathological liar and a cyber bully today, so that happened

So Matt Carlucci on Twitter said he was going to introduce another resolution against Jason Fischer’s newest J-1 bill where instead of calling for an appointed school board he now wants an elected superintendent.

Lots of people thanked him and applauded the move except for one which said we didn’t understand the serious issues Fischer was bringing up. So I asked them what those issues were and pointed out his monumental flip flop. The person then asked Fischer to explain and rather than doing so, he attacked me.

Well okay, but did you see what he did there. Rather than explaining his thought process to somebody who is obviously a fan. He lashed out at me.

Now I know if he was standing next to me he wouldn’t say anything like that to me. Guys like Fischer and Shine are always a lot tougher on-line but once again he didn’t have an answer. He had an opening to explain his reasoning, he has said he is only doing what his constituents want, but instead he has nothing. You see he can’t defend the indefensible.

You would think if he was sincere, he would be out there selling his idea, having meetings and being on social media, but he isn’t, it’s just radio silence which should tell you all you need to know.n

Jason Fischer is a bad joke that sadly we have to endure and he has no excuse for his actions.

This is how I responded, but like most cowards do, he just slinked away.

Are these lies @JasonFischerFL , you have taken over 150k from charter interests, you work for the states voucher king, put millions in the budget for your donors charter school, and just flippflopped on behalf of the mayor? You are the bully Jason, just ask Greene and DCPS.
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