Jason Fischer attacks Matt Carlucci for wanting citizens to have the right to vote

I am just going to get right to it, from the Times Union,

“Look, the status quo isn’t working for the kids in our city,” Fischer told the Times-Union. “I’ve offered solutions and demonstrated a willingness to listen. Career politician Carlucci has spent the last three or four decades just being negative and the truth seems to be he’s more focused on grabbing headlines than helping people.”



Um Jason Fischer ran for soil and water before he ran for the school board, which he quit to run for the house. Fischer desperately wants to have the career that Carlucci has had. 

Fischer calls Carlucci a career politician for the same reason Lenny Curry called W.C. Gentry a liberal. he thinks his base will salivate like Pavlov’s dog and ignore that Fischer is trying to take away their right to vote.

Also if our schools are failing and I remind you the district was less than a percentage point away from being an A district, doesn’t he deserve some responsibility?

While he was on the school board, again which he quit to run for the state house he was terrible but as bad as he was he has been worse while in Tallahassee, attacking public ed and teachers at every turn while giving charters and voucher schools the keys to the castle. 

Does everyone know he works for John Kirtley, the state voucher king and routinely votes for legislation that enriches him.

Do people also know he has millions inserted in the state budget annually for his mega donor Gary Chartrand’s pet charter school?

Here is the thing I bet there are a lot of things I disagree with Matt Carlucci on but you can tell he is a decent guy who cares about people, Fisher on the other hand only cares about himself as he carries water for his donors. He is as bad as they come.

Shame on you Jason Fischer, shame on you and yes there were better pictures available, I just picked this one on purpose.

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