Jason Fischer apparently doesn’t know what a bully is. Spoiler alert he is the bully.

I talk about what a bully is in my class at school. I teach
my kids that a bully is somebody who has power over somebody else and uses that
power to fill a need at the expense of the person being bullied.
When four out of six school board members voted to give the
communities effected by Superintendent Vitti’s proposed school changes more
time to examine the changes, Jason Fischer put forth the idea that they had
been bullied into doing so.  I don’t
think they were being bullied instead I believe they were listening to their
constituents who voiced the need for more time to understand what was going on
and to determine if it would benefit their communities or not.
Fischer joining with Scott Shine due to an obscure rule were
able to cut off community engagement months before the rest of the school board
wanted to and here is the most outrageous thing, none of the schools in their
districts are facing the radical changes that the superintendent has suggested.
Fischer in effect is the one bullying the north and west
sides of town and all the families that their school board members represent
due to a rule that requires five votes out of seven to change the rules. 
has the power over them and he has used that power to further his personal
agenda. I also want to remind everyone that nearly a year ago, Fischer
announced he is running for the Florida house and would not be running for reelection
to the school board.  So not only has he usurped
the will of the people he doesn’t even represent, he is doing so while he is
heading out the door.  
Last year when Gary Chartrand chair of the state board of education,
somebody with real power and influence over education wrote a letter to the
school board members asking them to drop out of a lawsuit challenging the state’s
school voucher system, Jason Fischer applauded him and voted the way the chair
wanted the board too. Now he has the nerve to imply people who are representing
their constituents are being bullied.
We have had some bad school board members over the years but
Fischer is by far the worse.

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  1. Fisher the oxygen thief. I voted for Heymann. He and his wife were visible in the community, worked concessions at Mandarin High football games, yet the sheep voters put one term and done Fisher in office. This town has so much potential. When will we learn?

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