Jalen Rose blames public schools for dropouts.

If only there were more charter schools then fewer
kids would drop out. That’s his premise anyway in an opinion piece on Jeb Bush’s
pro-privatization blog ReDefined Ed.
Far too many of our minority
students are not receiving the education they deserve because for many, the
idea of attending a quality school is simply unattainable. I believe that this
is unacceptable.
To put it into perspective, an
estimated 366,369 kids will drop out of high school while we watch the 63 games
throughout the tournament.
This is madness.
Students in our country deserve more
educational options. They deserve access to best school for their needs, no
matter their family’s income, and no matter their race. I am committed to
empowering parents with the ability to choose the very best school for their
It just so happens that he believes the best option
for children is charter schools.  You
know the same charter schools that suspend and expel more students than public
schools do. The same charter schools that often pick and choose who they take
and keep and that take fewer disabled and English as a second language learners
than public schools do. Furthermore friends thousands have opened, closed and
left students, families and communities in a lurch and even more are operated
by mercenaries who making a buck is more important than educating our children.
It’s admirable to want things to improve especially for
our children who haven’t gotten the attention and resources they deserve but
the solution is not to outsource our kids education to companies who only care
about the bottom line but to finally give those children the attention and
resources they deserve. If Jalen Rose really cared about our children then that
is what he would be advocating for.
Also a kid never dropped out of a charter school? Does
he really think charter schools fix poverty? His naive
ty and/or hubris are

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