Jacksonville’s troubling ties to discrimination

With the supreme court’s historic and long overdue ruling preventing workplace discrimination against LGBTQ workers, it is past time to look at Jacksonville’s long history and on going discrimination against LGBTQ students. 

I wrote this earlier this year but its more important than ever.

The Orlando Sentinel did a story about how Florida’s voucher schools are allowed to discriminate and how the public is paying for it.

Old Plank Christian Academy which took in $1,068,112, Providence School (314,593), West Meadows Baptist Academy (210,718) Harvest Community School (97,895) Trinity Christian Academy, (3,853,573) University Christian (2,226,934) Cedar Creek Christian School (1,634,696) and Eagle’s View Academy (1,339,823).

I wondered what Jacksonville companies might be supporting them because I had done a piece about it a few days ago.

But when I went back they had taken down all of their annual reports

i was kind of blown away by that, how sketchy, but what they didn’t take down was all their press releases, I mean for now anyways

So I looked through them and found a few companies with Jacksonville connections

I only went back 7 pages but there were a couple

Then as I mentioned in another blog, the person behind the Charter at the classical charter school, Erika Donalds and her husband Byron spent the weekend defending the discrimination on twitter and our very own council man Diamond weighed in as well, inexplicable blaming teacher unions for the controversy

Diamond may be great with dogs and veterans, but he is not a good man.

Okay, don’t the people of Jacksonville deserve to know our connections to the discriminatory program? I think they do.

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