Jacksonville’s Northside Schools left to languish.

Reports of overcrowded classrooms being led by substitutes
are starting to creep out of Ribault and Raines High schools and Kirby Smith
First I think it is great that people are starting to see
through the false choice of charters and recent improvement has seen kids come
back but the district only has a limited opportunity to make sure this return
is permanent. Putting subs in classes, having huge classes some with fifty and
sixty students or seeing other students sit idle in their school’s auditorium
is not the way to do it.

DCPS has an opportunity here to show the parents of an often-neglected
part of town that their kids matter too. I hope they don’t blow it. 

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  1. Substitute Teachers are poorly trained many do not understand or know just what it is to follow a Standard or carry out the Teacher’s Lesson Plans. Duval County need to take responsibility and train Substitute Teachers for success in the classroom opposed too glorified baby sitters.

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