Jacksonville’s elite pick their district 2 candidate, Scott Shine

Scott Shine is a businessman from the beach and is looking to replace Fel Lee, heck he even looks like Lee.

He is also the choice of the city’s elite power players who are quietly trying to assemble a block of school board members to I imagine, push their privatization agenda.

Shine has taken money from John Baker, several Chartrands and Steins, Steve Halverson, Cindy Edelman, Popply Clement and Wayne Weaver. If you were to check Ashley Smith-Juarez and Darryl Willie’s donor lists you would find many of the same names.

This small group of so called elites made up of non-district two residents, none of whom went to public school or sent their children to public school now seek to control our public schools and by control I mean dismantle.

Money not what’s best for our children will dictate education if they are allowed to win.

To see just who is donating to Shine, click the link: https://www.voterfocus.com/ws/WScand/cand_srch.php

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  1. The wealthy have controlled the district for a long time – we just keep changing the names. However, the current group is dangerous because they believe they have the knowledge and skill to reform this school district but in fact they lack both – the system is broken and they think that by replacing the system with an alternative all will be cured. They forget that we live in a community and the more you separate yourself from that community the further away you move from a solution

  2. Chris,

    Maybe you should do a little research on who Scott Shine is before you stick on a label like this.

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