Jacksonville Public Education supporters need to have a busy few days

First Monday at 9 a.m. the school board and super are meeting to consider giving even more considerations to charter schools. They have to be exhausted. I know I am and all I do is bang on a keyboard. That being said I think it would be a terrible mistake for them to give into extortion and there current plan is already more than fair.

If you believe the plan is fair, drop them a note and let them know.


Then Tuesday night the city council meets and the more people that show up to let them know they support our schools the better. The meeting starts at 5 and if you want to get a speakers card you should probably show up a little bit before that.

If you can’t make it and even if you can, a note to them, urging them to support the referendum couldn’t hurt.


Friends, this has without a doubt given the city a black eye and revealed who the mayor and majority of the city council really support. It’s time we told them they should work for the people, and not just a handful of donors.

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