Jacksonville poised to give out another thirty million in incentives to a business building a headquarters on the river.

So what does this have to do with education, I mean we need jobs right?
Well first I am not a fan of corporate welfare. Large and successful companies getting millions to do what they already have more than enough money to do.
You know who didn’t need 233 million dollars in incentives including almost a hundred million in cash? Shad Kahn, owner of the Jaguars which alone are valued at 2.3 billion, dollars. But her.
Now on the heels of that, and spending over 20 million on the Landings plan to nowhere, we are about to give 30 million to a company that probably doesn’t need it either.
I bet if we invested in our schools companies would come without having to receive public bribes to do so.
 From the Jacksonville Business Journal, The Downtown Investment Authority will consider granting almost $30 million in state and city incentives to the construction of a riverfront corporate headquarters during Wednesday’s board meeting.

The incentives include a $23.4 million tax rebate grant, a $3.5 million city grant payable when the project is complete and $3 million in tax refunds – $600,000 from the city and $2.4 million from the state.

The package, code-named Project Sharp, will go towards construction of a 300,000-square-foot corporate headquarters to house 500 employees with an average annual wage of $85,000. The company will also keep 1,216 existing jobs in Jacksonville, a hint that the unnamed company maybe Fidelity National Information Services (NYSE: FIS).

FIS has been exploring ways to accommodate new employees after its $43 billion merger with Worldpay and has about 1,200 Jacksonville employees, CFO Woody Woodall previously told the Business Journal.

Um they just completed a 43-billion-dollar merger and they need 30 million in public money? I know some of you are saying well if they didn’t get it here they could get it somewhere else, and the answer is no they wouldn’t if every place finally started saying, we would love to have you but like regular folks have to pay to move so will you.  
We have all this corporate welfare and our schools are crumbling, does nobody else see a relationship there?
It’s time we demanded our leaders made the people of Jacksonville its priority.

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