JAA proposes a 9 million dollar air traffic control tower, the city council questions the cost and suggests a private firm might do it better and cheaper.

The city council sent the the JAA a series of questions asking if it was necessary and cost effective. Some asked why not lease a tower instead and others asked historical questions about air travel in Jax. The purpose to make sure Duval’s citizens are getting the best deal. Nah who am I kidding, the city council doesn’t even care what the mayor does, their one and only job is to micromanage the school board and they are willing to ignore statutes and change the meaning of words to get away with it.

From the Jacksonville Business Journal,

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority received a permit Tuesday for its long-planned air traffic control tower and spaceport command center at Cecil Airport.

The permit gives the project an $8.1 million price tag and lists it as an 11-story, 118-ft. building. JAA previously estimated the building would stand 135-ft. tall and cost $3.3 million.

Hundreds of millions for an entertainment system, the privatization of JEA and a school system marginalized and stripped of their power to do their job. Welcome to Jacksonville
The school board does not work for the city council. Or they didn’t until they usurped their authority on behalf of their donors.

Rory had zero questions for the FAA.

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